Solahart LCSD Series Solar Hot Water System

Capacity = 300 litres

The Solahart LCSD Series is a roof mounted, open circuit system, designed to provide higher efficiency for use in low to medium solar gain areas.

The LCS collector features an aluminium absorber plate with all copper header and risers. The LCS collector’s absorber plate is coated with the Mirotherm® sputtered selective surface, widely used throughout the growing solar hot water markets in Europe. The Mirotherm absorption and anti-reflection layers provide high solar absorption and an infrared reflecting layer ensures low thermal emission, making the most of the available solar radiation.

The double ceramic lined tank has a protective sacrificial anode and the Free Heat models feature additional anode protection. The tank is equipped with an electric booster, alternatively an inline gas booster is available.

These systems are installed with the TRV (thermosiphon restrictor valve) OTP (over temperature protection) system to prevent over performance during periods of higher solar radiation and lower hot water draw off.

LCS Series roof mounted solar hot water system from Solahart Brisbane South

Reduces energy use

Environmental benefits

Optimal performance

Trusted warranty

Key Features

  • Efficient Mirotherm® Sputtered Selective Surface collector for high heat absorption
  • Toughened, impact resistant collector glass
  • Thermosiphon operation minimises maintenance
  • Double coated ceramic lined tank
  • Stylish slimline design
  • Gas booster or electric booster models available
  • Enhanced protection on Free Heat models


Key Benefits

  • Save on water heating energy consumption
  • Reliable, low maintenance operation
  • Hot water regardless of the weather
  • Qualifies for valuable environmental incentives
  • Reduced energy use can save on CO2 emmissions
  • Peace of mind. Solahart has been in operation since 1953


The following warranty applies to the Solahart LCSD series. Free Heat 10/5/5 warranty, 10 year cylinder and collector supply, 5 year parts, 5 year labour; 5/5/5 warranty, 5 year cylinder and collector supply, 5 year parts, 5 year labour; applies only when installed as a complete new system. Please contact our team for further information.

The LCSD Series is eligible for Government rebates and incentives. Our team will be happy to help you with these.

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