Tesla Power

In 2016, we joined the home battery revolution with Tesla Powerwall, the world’s leading home battery. Solahart’s experienced dealers and accredited installers are perfectly positioned to provide expert advice on the Powerwall battery and recommend the right configuration for your situation.

Whether you’re looking to combine a Powerwall with a new or existing Solahart Solar Power system, by booking a free Solahart In-Home Solar Assessment, we’ll show you the best way to reduce your energy costs and lead a more sustainable life.

Tesla Powerwall is a lithium ion home battery that charges using electricity generated from solar panels, to power your home in the evening, safely and economically.

Completely automated, compact, and simple to install, Tesla Powerwall enables you to maximise self-consumption of solar power generation.

When combined with a new Solahart Solar Power system (photovoltaic panels and inverter), the Tesla Powerwall will allow you to maximise the utilisation of your solar power by storing excess electricity produced during the day for use at any time. You’ll reduce your reliance on power from the grid and lower your power bills even more.

Call 07 3841 3263 to speak with your local Brisbane Tesla Solahart Expert to request a free solar assessment on your home.