Solar Power

Solahart solar power systems are amongst the most efficient in the world delivering more power for each watt installed.

Solar power panels produce electricity from the sun’s rays. Solar power panel’s photovoltaic (PV) cells convert light energy into DC current, which then passes through a converter to become 240V AC electricity. The volume of electricity your household produces is dependent on the number of panels, efficiency of panels, amount of sunlight, and inverter size.

Our solar panels are high performance and made from quality crystalline cells. Each cell is individually tested and power matched to ensure consistent performance between the cells of the panel. It’s this level of detail that has seen us remain solar energy industry leaders for 60 years, and our commitment to innovation that will help us to retain our position long into the future.

Solahart panels are designed to be durable and engineered to meet the highest quality standards and provide a stable, consistent power output.

Brisbane Solahart Expert are qualified to assess your home and provide you with the best systems to meet your family’s needs. Our installers are trained to the highest standards to ensure the safety and effectiveness of your system.

All this is backed by our comprehensive warranties and the peace of mind you’ll get from dealing with Australia’s solar pioneer.

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