Australia is a country that enjoys a lot of sunshine throughout, making it the perfect candidate for harnessing solar power to the benefit of customers – who stand to make significant savings on their energy bills – and improve the environment.

Solahart is a world-leading provider of solar power solutions. Since launching our first product in 1953, we’ve gone on to install over 1 million units across 70-plus countries.

Today, our preferred technology to deliver solar hot water Brisbane include thermosiphon roof-mounted systems, split systems, and heat pumps.

Thermosiphon roof-mounted systems feature both the solar panels and storage tank up high. The solution works by drawing the sun’s energy to the collectors thanks to a heat-absorbent coating; the fluid within is then heated and transferred to the adjacent storage tank.

Streamline split solar hot water systems operate on ground and roof level. The roof-mounted solar collectors must face the equator, and the ground-level storage tank can be positioned either indoors or outside. To ensure the continuous flow of water, an electric pump or circulator is included.

Contact us your local Brisbane Solahart Expert to conduct a free solar assessment on your home . Should we establish that your household’s layout isn’t suited to solar panels, a heat pump may be an appropriate alternative. It extracts energy through the air, which then converts refrigerant into a gas. Compressed to generate further heat, the temperature of the tank water rises in turn. Heat pumps work year-round, both day and night.

In addition to solar hot water, Solahart has solutions to power your entire household. By setting up solar panels as compact as 10 square metres you could potentially contribute 30% of the energy needed to power the average Australian home. We also recommend you connect to an electricity grid so that you can buy or sell power as and when you need to.

Call 07 3841 3263 to speak with your local Brisbane Solahart Expert to request a free solar assessment on your home.

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